Where I came from

I was born in Taiwan and raised in Portland, OR. With my background in industrial design from RISD, I naturally think through making. After graduating in 2018, I interned at Woobo to create smart toys for kids and at UCLA to create AI-assisted tools for pathologists. Most recently, I spent a year in Pittsburgh pursuing a Masters in Human-Computer Interactions at CMU where I’ve gotten to work with amazing people in the HCI community and have grown as a leader.

Where I’m going

As a visual communicator, I instinctively organize and illustrate ideas through structured models. For the next chapter of my life, I’m focusing on strengthening my systems thinking skills—creating narratives and strategy through prototypes and design systems. In parallel, I'm also fine-tuning my craft—executing pixel-perfect visual designs and interactions.


In my spare time, I explore and capture the world in my sketchbooks and bring it to life through furniture making, ceramic, glass, and embroidery... A dream of mine is to one day have everything I own be made by myself and my friends. That’s a little about me; I’d love to hear from you! You can reach me via email, connect with me on LinkedIn, or follow my Instagram.

Thanks for visiting!